Right now, this place seems kind of empty and boring.
But that's going to change in the comming weeks.


I'll use this place to bring you more or less detailed descriptions of what I do.
Odds are that the content will be heavy on the side of Unix / Solaris stuff, mixed with descriptions of hardware hacks I did and some VMware shenanigans thrown in for good measure.
You may also encounter rants about random stuff.

But who are you?

I work as a system administrator / datacenter consultant with several years of experience in VMware ESX, Linux / Solaris and BIND administration. I use my spare time to fiddle with hardware, modify or improve stuff I own and from time to time play with optics and digital cameras to get pictures like this:

HDD Read/Write Head Makro

I'm also a member of the chaosdorf / CCC Düsseldorf e.V.

Hopefully you find the stuff I do interesting and want to follow me on this journey.